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Let's Talk Race: Executive Guided Discussions

InclusionPro is offering a 2 hour Guided Discussion for executive teams to explore race and equality in the workplace. This Discussion can provide your leadership team clarity and resolve on your journey of self-examination on racial issues. We will cover:

  • Brief history of racism and our economy
  • Shared experiences on racism
  • Privilege and motivations
  • Talking with team members about racism
  • Building bridges of understanding
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Watch Sara Jones on

Sara Jones' 2019 TEDxSaltLakeCity talk was featured by TED.  In her talk, Sara shares her experience as a transracial adoptee and asks us to consider all the narratives that are part of a single adoption story.

As a leading expert on diversity and inclusion - Sara Jones is a frequent keynote and distinguished speaker to audiences of all sizes.  Here are some of her most notable talks:

Sara Jones Keynotes University of Utah Presidential Status on Women

Watch Sara Jones' keynote for Edie Kochenour event in collaboration with University of Utah Presidential Status on Women, presented March 2020. The keynote is titled  “Creating and Sustaining Inclusive Workplace Cultures: The Hard Truths.”

Sara Jones at DisruptHR 4.0

Named "Best of DisruptHR 2019", Sara Jones's speed keynote challenges notions of D&I work.  Presented by DisruptSLC, her keynote is titled "It's time to stop talking about diversity." See why she was named a top disruptor for 2019.

Sara Jones Keynotes at Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

In her keynote, titled The Art of Inclusive Leadership, Sara shares the secrets of becoming an Inclusive Leader. She discusses shifting your mindset, engaging the talent around you, and how to apply an inclusive lens to the work of building your team culture.


InclusionPro is honored to be part of the Inclusion Experience Project. Inclusion Experience Project is a collaboration of four independent consultants.

The experience is a series of unique and intentionally designed Experiences aimed to elevate the consciousness of leaders for the purpose of driving trust, stimulating growth and building a culture of inclusivity in the workplace.


Curious About The Experience?

Inclusion, Equity, & Remote Teams During Covid-19

Overnight, Covid-19 disrupted workplaces in a way most people never saw coming. Perks like the office snack station, ping pong tables, and aesthetically  pleasing office environments were no longer relevant. Instead, staying connected through virtual methods has become top of mind for leaders.  Learn how to foster inclusion and equity in remote teams by reading this blog post.


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