Welcome from Sara Jones, Founder of InclusionPro

I’ve been fortunate for the past two decades to work at the intersection of law, tech, and leadership and diversity.  Over my career, I’ve built relationships with hundreds of executives and tech companies. Even though companies are investing tons of resources into hiring for diversity, I keep hearing from people within companies that we are not changing our cultures fast enough to be inclusive of all of this great talent we are hiring.

In this climate that we are living, we can all stand to be more inclusive. In the workplace, inclusion actually translates to better understanding and better work interactions - which ties directly to increased company performance.  95% of leaders say they want a D&I plan, but only 25% of leaders actually have them. And now that inclusion and diversity is seen as a corporate strategy - and in some cases even a trade secret - it behooves leaders to understand how to get the best out of their diverse teams that they are hiring.

I’ve seen first-hand how diverse teams can innovate and drive toward high performance. I’ve built my own diverse teams in business, performed extensive research, and grown a nonprofit community — where I’ve interacted with and trained hundreds of executives for career opportunities. There are a lot of leaders who desire this deep insight and strategic knowledge to help them get the best out of the diverse teams they are building. So I launched InclusionPro to serve leaders who care about inclusion.  

I love bringing my unique style to working with executive teams. There’s a bit of an art form when working with leadership teams, to engage them in what can sometimes be a sensitive topic.  I think teams are pleasantly surprised that we can have fun and have a strategic discussion on how to improve inclusivity on teams. InclusionPro customizes strategy for clients that works for their unique culture. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all inclusion strategy. Every company is unique— with unique customers, unique workforce, and unique business strategy. Every company is at a different point in their inclusion journey.  It’s incredibly rewarding for me to see InclusionPro having such great impact.

Meet the Team

We are passionate about inclusion and bring deep experience to our work.  Our team has coached hundreds of professionals and leadership teams on executive leadership, organizational behavior, professional development, and workplace cultures.

Sara Jones

Founder, InclusionPro

Curtis Linton


Marette Monson



  • Coached, keynoted, trained hundreds of executives nationally on leadership, performance, talent, growth strategy
  • CEO of HR Tech company with 70% women in management and teams
  • COO and Co-Founder Women Tech Council in 2007
  • Head biz dev at Ed Tech company with focus on professional development and equity
  • Produced several successful online courses with award-winning education authors
  • Patent attorney, partner, and head of diversity at law firm
  • J.D. Law and B.S. Chemical Engineering

Fun Fact:  On vacation, can often be found hiding out at a Korean BBQ all you can eat


  • CEO of educational consulting firm
  • Noted expert, award-winning author, and national speaker in educational equity and racism
  • Chief Education Officer of Ed Tech company documenting effective school practices and delivering online professional development to over 1M educators
  • Currently studying at Oxford Executive Leadership program
  • MFA in Film, BS in English

Fun Fact: Directed the first student-produced IMAX film


  • CEO of mental health counseling outpatient agency
  • Co-authored a book and presents nationally on professional resilience
  • Adjunct professor on organizational behavior and highly effective organizations
  • Developing training program for adults with Autism
  • People with disabilities advocate
  • B.S. and M.S. in Social Work and MBA

Fun Fact: Leads humanitarian medical teams to Haiti