As a leading speaker, trainer, and writer in the diversity and inclusion space - Sara Jones has been featured in several publications and various media outlets. This section features a compilation of articles, blog posts, podcasts, and videos Sara has written or been featured in.

Inclusion Pro Partners With Women@eBay to Create Training Program

Sara Jones partnered with eBay to create an unconscious bias training program. Learn more here.

Sara Jones Discusses Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs With Utah Business Magazine

Sara Jones participated in an entrepreneur focused roundtable discussion held by Utah Magazine. Find out more about what she had to say here.

Women Leading During A Time Of Turmoil

Sara Jones discusses the glass cliff many women face in corporate America. Find out what she had to say to here.

Building Effective Inclusion Strategies Every Employee Can Learn and Implement

Sara Jones discussed strategies for building a diverse and inclusive culture during a training held for Utah business professionals. Learn more here.

Here's Why It's Time To Include White Men In Diversity & Inclusion Conversations

Sara Jones describes how diversity and inclusion are actually separate behaviors during a discussion she led for Disrupt HR 2.0. During this same conversation, she makes the case for stop talking about diversity and including white men. Discover more about her thoughts on this topic here.

Sara Jones Featured In TLNT Magazine

Sara's Disrupt HR 2.0 conversation on why we should stop talking about diversity and include white men is covered by TLNT Magazine. Find out more here.

Inclusion Pro Partners With Instructure To Build Unconscious Bias And Inclusion Training

Inclusion Pro had the honor of delivering an unconscious bias and inclusion training to Instructure employees.  The training was used to build a culture of belonging at Instructure and a component of Pride Month. Read more here.


Sara Jones honored by Salt Lake Chamber

Sara receives recognition by the Salt Lake Chamber. Read more here.

Here's Why Diversity & Inclusion So Hard To Achieve

Sara Jones is featured in the KSL News Podcast, The Loudmouth's Projects Voices of Reason. During this conversation, Sara discusses why diversity and inclusion is so hard to achieve. Hear what she had to say here


Sara Jones Discusses Diversity & Inclusion On P3 People Podcast

Steve of People and Places Podcast sits down with Sara Jones - President of InclusionPro & COO of Women Tech Council in Salt Lake City, Utah. They visit about the importance of inclusion, having your voice heard, the triple bottom-line and much more. Learn more here