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Inclusion Growth™ leadership trainings delivered on-site

Choose from several training topics.  These interactive workshops are offered in two 90-minute sessions or one 3-hour session.

  • Inclusive Leadership: How the Best Leaders Build Diverse and Winning Teams
  • Crafting Your Company's Inclusive Values and Behaviors
  • Unconscious Bias and Team Productivity
  • Designing Inclusive Programs and Environments
  • Writing Inclusive Job Descriptions
  • Creating an Inclusive Hiring Experience
  • Maximizing the Talent of a Diverse Team

Inclusion Growth™ on-site coaching

On-site consulting from our Diversity & Inclusion experts.

  • 1 week of on-site observation of leadership and workplace dynamics
  • Confidential leadership and team interviews
  • Company workplace satisfaction survey using Burbley™ analytic platform
  • Inclusion Growth™ action plan

Inclusion Growth™ certification add-on

1 year certification program.

Add on to Inclusion Growth™ coaching and action plan.

  • Quarterly coaching with leadership and team members
  • Quarterly Burbley™ analytic workplace surveys
  • Three (3) Leadership trainings (select from list above or customized)
  • Year end report and Inclusion Growth™ certification

Job Descriptions eToolkit $29

A quick tutorial that gives you the basics of writing inclusive job descriptions in pdf download form.

This eToolkit covers topics such as:

  • Improving skills and experience descriptions
  • Highlighting non-technical skills
  • Gender-focused language
  • Getting clear about ambiguous language
  • Best practices checklist

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