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InclusionPro® works with executive leaders on diversity and inclusion – how to attract, grow, and retain diverse and winning teams through its Inclusion Growth® Framework strategies.  InclusionPro consults and trains executive teams on inclusion strategies with a particular focus on team performance and productivity - so that they can get the best out of their diverse teams. Leaders who build inclusive skills have more productive teams with a stronger sense of belonging.

InclusionPro makes every effort to create a safe and comfortable environment where all participants’ voices are respected – including differing personalities, gender identities, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, and other areas of multi-dimensionality. We know these topics can be sensitive and uncomfortable for many people. We provide a practical and meaningful learning environment so that participants can feel confident improving their leadership skills and building their D&I strategy. We believe everyone has room to learn and grow – thanks for taking us on your journey!

We offer:
  • On-site Training
  • Conference Keynote and Workshops
  • Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
  • D&I Recruiting Consulting
  • D&I Program Development
  • Best Practices Research
  • Inclusion Assessments
  • Site observations
  • Executive Coaching

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Photo by Marisa Bomis
Photo by Marisa Bomis
Photo by Marisa Bomis
Photo by Marisa Bomis
Photo by Marisa Bomis

Inclusion leadership trainings/workshops

InclusionPro trains executives, management, and team members on inclusive skills.

All InclusionPro trainings are highly interactive, engaging, and (dare we say) fun! We do not believe in lecture-style training. Learning occurs best by applying concepts to real-world scenarios, so we will provide several opportunities for participants to safely practice and obtain feedback.

Choose from several training topics.  These interactive workshops are offered in 90-minute (lite) or 3-hour (deep) sessions.  You determine what your company needs.

Popular D&I training topics include:

  • Inclusive: How the Best Leaders Build Diverse and Winning Teams
  • Unconscious Bias and Team Productivity
  • Building Cultural Competency
  • Inclusion Committee Best Practices
  • Optimizing Employee Experience

Other topics we train on:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Accountability
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Performance and Innovation
  • Authentic Conversations
  • Conflict Management
  • Employee Career Development

Don’t see what you are looking for? We can design training or help you find an expert in a particular D&I area.

Training Testimonials

"We invited Sara to do a two-day on-site training and invited our Board members to participate. This was a great opportunity to build relationships of understanding with our board. Our team gained a greater appreciation for diversity of thought, teamwork, and our own multidimensionality through a series of empathy building and interactive experiences that Sara created for us." -- Moe Hickey, Exec. Dir. Voice for Utah Children

"We did a training offsite for our whole firm (partners, analysts, administration).  Sara is a great facilitator and her training was very engaging. Our team came away with the understanding that we can drive immediate results by practicing inclusive behaviors. We were able to have thoughtful conversation on unconscious bias, checking our assumptions, and being intentional about being more inclusive." --Ben Capell, Partner, Peterson Partners

"As our firm has evolved over the years, we know that inclusion is an important factor for retention.  We hired Sara to lead a board-level training on building an inclusive culture. We appreciated the deep insight she brought. She made the environment welcoming and engaging for leaders to explore new ideas for our firm’s future.  We have already implemented some of the practical ideas that came from that workshop and are looking forward to partnering with Sara to achieve our goals." -- Shauna Huston, Executive Director, Workman Nydegger

"We made sure our invitation to the company to attend was very open, resulting in a very diverse group of employees who came. It was awesome to see that the concepts of Inclusive Leadership that Sara taught could apply to everyone in the room. She facilitated a deep conversation about valuing our diverse perspectives. Several team members told me afterward that they were energized and wished for more training on this topic!" -- Vandana Sharma, Senior Manager Product Support  & Community Leader Oracle Women’s Leadership

"My whole teamed raved about her training and we all feel so much more comfortable with inclusivity." - Jenny Wecker, CEO Fawn Design

"She reinforced inclusive concepts by integrating those concepts into the way she trained, which is the sign of a masterful teacher." - Yvette Ampara-Espinoza, Training and Development Coordinator, Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District

"I would recommend this training for teams who want a fun, practical and interactive way of learning about unconscious bias." - Val Taylor, VP Community, Veracity Solutions

“Thinking about how to build trust with an individual and how to approach creating safe environments for people to be genuine with each other. This will create inclusion, which ultimately leads to higher performance in the organization.”

“I thought it was smart to focus more on the activities where we could get to know each other better, with an emphasis on how our various racial/ethnic, class, religious etc characteristics have shaped us.”

“The topic and resources provided were exactly what I was needing to kick off D&I at my current organization.”

“I appreciated the tool she provided that allows us to discover our own unconscious biases. I brought it back to my team and my manager has already decided to intro it in our next team meeting, asking everyone to take the assessments and prepare to discuss our learnings. This is needed!”

Professional Services:

InclusionPro also offers strategic analysis, program design, program execution, and coaching.  Professional services are highly customized and we offer both flat fee pricing and hourly billing.

Strategic Analysis:  We create strategic plans and analysis to provide guidance on how to become a high performing organization.  We have performed many quantitative and qualitative data studies and can segment demographic populations based on gender, ethnicity, role, and other characteristics. Exemplary work includes:

  • Mission and Inclusive Values Strategy
  • Executive leadership site observations and recommendations
  • Organization/Community Policy
  • D&I Best Practices Research
  • Employee engagement/growth studies
  • Recruiting studies particularly focused on hiring diverse candidates
  • Gender studies of women in leadership, careers, college and high school
  • Millennial studies of career aspirations and leadership growth
  • Soft skill studies needed for entry level employees, including learning skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and life skills.

Program Design and Execution:  Our deep business experience enables us to scale strategic D&I work throughout the organization.  Exemplary work includes:

  • Global training content design and execution
  • Inclusive external content review and design
  • Recruiting programs
  • Retention programs
  • Employee resource (affinity) group design
  • Employee experience programs
  • Career pathway programs
  • Community partnership programs

Coaching: Many organizations benefit from executive, management and career coaching on a more individual basis.  Coaching is offered in person or remotely, depending on specific organizational needs.

Professional Services Testimonials

"Sara provided content strategy to scale an Inclusive Leadership training to our entire global workforce (13 sites, 1400+ employees).  This was no small feat.  She came with a depth of experience in building online courses, live training, and program implementation which allowed her to effectively partner with us to launch a blended learning program in less than 3 months." -- Becky Frost, Sr. Director Corp Communications & Head Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, Instructure

"We’ve especially appreciated how Sara quickly became familiar with our company culture and helped us to capture that culture in the ways we communicate with ALL of our community members in mind. But more importantly, as we’ve worked with Sara, she’s helped us develop on the individual level as well so that diversity and inclusion are now more natural parts of who we are as people. We value this as we strive to establish a company with genuine transparency and honesty in all that we offer." -- Brooke Avery, Dir of Marketing, ngconf.

"We reached out to Sara and she immediately spotted processes that needed to change for us to attract diverse talent. We went from 0% diverse job candidates to 70% diverse job candidates overnight." -- Skyler Carr, CEO Infini D

"We brought InclusionPro early on in planning for ngconf 2019 to ensure that our conference was as welcoming to our community as possible." -- Aaron Frost, Co-Founder ngconf

"Sara was very helpful in researching best practices for Employee Resource Groups across larger companies."  -- Shelly Johnson, EVP Zions Bank

"She made a challenging and sensitive topic interesting, engaging, and even fun." -- Marva Sadler, CEO Veracity Solutions

"One of my priorities was building a strong founding team.  Sara came in weekly, coached team members, and partnered with me to work on areas of improvements." -- Mark Pittman, CEO Blyncsy

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