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InclusionPro Custom Content Design 

InclusionPro has created and launched customized global content programs.  We can customize any of our existing training for your company culture and branding.  Or we can create new content programs, including blended learning programs.  Here are two examples of recent custom content:

InclusionPro built the content strategy for Women@eBay’s global “Rise Up! Lift Up!” leadership skills training program.  This is a 6 months training course, with a monthly global webinar and monthly peer coaching sessions delivered to 72 sites and 1500 members.  InclusionPro built the strategy, content, training documents, and all communication and marketing materials.  This program was honored for Diversity Initiative of the Year Award for Women in IT 2020 Awards in New York City.  Read more here.

InclusionPro built Instructure’s “Our Culture of Inclusion and Belonging” course which was delivered through its Bridge platform to 1500 employees. The course program included online learning (reading, activators, video practice) and in-person facilitated sessions.  InclusionPro built a train-the-trainer model to teach facilitators located in 13 global sites how to run in-person learning sessions.  Read more here.

Photo by Marisa Bomis
Photo by Marisa Bomis
Photo by Marisa Bomis

Inclusion Leadership Trainings & Workshops

InclusionPro trains executives, management, and team members on building inclusive leadership skills. All InclusionPro trainings are highly interactive, engaging, and (dare we say) fun! We do not believe in lecture-style training. Learning occurs best by applying concepts to real-world scenarios, so we will provide several opportunities for participants to safely practice and obtain feedback. We can customize any of these topics to your organizational brand and learning focus.

Popular D&I Training Topics

  • Inclusive Leadership: How the Best Leaders Build Diverse and Winning Teams™
  • Let’s Talk Race: Racial Equity and Allyship in the workplace™
  • Unconscious Bias in Recruiting, Teamwork, and Employee Life-Cycle™
  • The Language of Inclusion™
  • Cultural Sensitivity and How to be Awesome™
  • Inclusion by Design: Designing for Equitable and Sustainable Cultures™
  • When Women Rise, All Tides Rise™

Other Training Topics:

  • Accountability
  • Art of Delegation
  • Authentic Conversations
  • Conflict Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Networking and Career Strategies
  • Team Performance and Innovation

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Custom Design Testimonials

"The Women@eBay employee resource group includes 1500+ members worldwide....Building and scaling this program with Sara and my core team was an energizing collaboration and was promoted from the top eBay executive team on down to people leaders and branching to thousands of members receiving training. While COVID-19 has presented unique challenges, InclusionPro was able to convert from in-person training into effective virtual learning with a global reach continuing to provide an individualized learning impact."  -- Trina Limpert, President, Women @ eBay, CS Technology Planning & Performance

"InclusionPro came with a depth of experience in building online courses, live training, and program implementation which allowed them to effectively partner with us to launch a blended learning program in less than 3 months.  Their training model was a very effective way to engage all of our employees on inclusion, diversity and belonging." -- Becky Frost, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, Instructure

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Photo by Marisa Bomis

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