Nchopia Nwokoma

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Nchopia Nwokoma

Organizational Psychology and High Potential Talent

Nchopia brings a scientific approach to identifying and developing high potential talent - while never losing sight of the human side of the equation.  She has learned through her career that personal relationships serve as a backbone for making impact that truly matters.  She loves traveling the world, meeting people of different backgrounds, and, above all, building relationships.

Nchopia started her career with a bachelors degree in social work, and began supporting homeless women to find skilled jobs.  Many of these women were refugees and she loved helping her thrive in their jobs. She then obtained her masters in industrial and organizational psychology, which led her to work with some of the finest minds in the assessment world. She worked alongside PhDs on psychological testing, administered assessments and observed interviews, wrote extensive reports to support PhD level recommendations with findings. 

She uses evidence-based practices to create meaningful recognition experiences, transform organizational cultures, improve employee engagement, establish leadership competencies, assess and develop leaders, identify and develop high potential talent, and build succession plans.  She was recognized in her field as providing valuable recommendations that were well thought through and researched. She learned to always look at the meaning of data and consider interpretations based on human experience.  

She finds particular joy in highly personalized coaching - to help people see their true potential.  She has transformed her social work into human work - whether someone is a homeless refugee or a successful business person trying to reinvent themselves, she loves seeing people discover their true potential.  Her work has taken her from Africa, to Salt Lake City Utah, and all over the world - where she passionately builds local and global communities wherever she is at.  She has launched YP SLC, Downtown Alliance, and other communities to help professionals and people thrive in their communities.