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fiona lin

Fiona Lin


Starting from the grassroots level, we have formalized our diversity and inclusion efforts at Snap to help cultivate a compassionate and belonging culture. Over the past few months, we have been engaging Sara and InclusionPro to conduct Executive Strategy sessions, host our Inclusive Leadership pilot training, and consult on our program development. Sara's background and extensive experience as a company executive in the technology world make her uniquely positioned to deliver outstanding engagements. Her sessions stressed the importance of aligning diversity and inclusion with organizational goals. Sara was elegant at challenging status quos without making anyone in the room feel defensive. Her tips and tricks also encouraged the D&I committee to think more strategically on how to structure our efforts to achieve sustainable success. We would continue engaging Sara and InclusionPro to tap into their expertise in this field.
misty frost

Misty Frost

CEO Carrus

At Carrus, we support all efforts to make the world a more inclusive place. We know diversity and inclusion are important and that without constant cultivation and care, building a sustainable culture of belonging at work would not be possible.
That is why we are so appreciative to the InclusionPro team for working with our teams to provide tailored training on how we can build on the foundation of our company values to recognize and celebrate diversity. Through InclusionPro’s expert training, our teams learned more about bias, how to address it, and how to actively participate in building a more inclusive culture at work and in our communities.
We continue to learn and progress together and will work with Sara and her team again to move diversity and inclusion forward.
paul jones

Paul Jones

Chief Leadership Development Officer, USANA

Sara and InclusionPro have been wonderful partners in elevating our inclusion and diversity efforts at USANA.  Sara and her team are very responsive and great at following through on the key initiatives to ensure our plans are properly implemented and make a difference.  They understand the sensitivities around these issues and help everyone involved feel valued, respected, and heard.  The approach is truly about inclusion and tied to real, sustainable results that will enhance every aspect of the organization.  Sara is very good at being candid and challenging ideas in a very positive, helpful way that creates understanding and insight rather than entrenchment and frustration.  I am grateful for the partnership we have with InclusionPro.


Crys Lee

Executive Director, Bike Utah

Over the past several months, Bike Utah attempted multiple times to have difficult conversations around what our program and teams could be doing to become more inclusive, diverse, and equitable. Those conversations often came to an uncomfortable standstill and we were not making the progress we were hoping for. We realized we needed help. Bike Utah invited Sara Jones and Shawn Newell to conduct a strategy session on cultural sensitivity for our board members and staff.  Our hope was to facilitate a dialogue that can be at times uncomfortable for many people.  While our team members and board genuinely believe accessibility and inclusion are paramount, we know we must continually learn and educate ourselves.  Sara and Shawn gave our team great insight into life perspectives we hadn’t previously considered, providing opportunity to engage and discuss at a deeper level as team members.  They gave us the tools and language we needed to hold these tough conversations on our own. Our team is excited to continue developing the greater levels of empathy and understanding needed to create an inclusive bicycling community in Utah.

shawn pdq

Shawn Anderson

CEO, PDQ.com

At no time during Sara's training did I feel that she was pointing fingers at me. Nor did I ever feel that she was blaming middle aged white men for the problems in the world. Her approach was open, honest, and very inclusive. There was no shaming. No blaming. It was the opposite of what some might expect. Positive. Enlightening. Peaceful. I walked away from her training a better everything (CEO, husband, father, community member).

sarah thompson

Sarah Thompson

Director of Field Marketing, Xant

I was responsible for launching XANT’s first leadership conference after its rebrand. Our CEO wanted this sales conference to reflect the new vision for the company - innovative, unique and next level. I invited Sara Jones to keynote because of her unique ability to bring empathy into her work through her storytelling and to motivate our attendees to be passionate about the power of connection and authenticity. I watched many attendees wipe away tears as they heard her miraculous story. She seamlessly taught the audience how to build connection in their own sales careers and lives. I had several audience members thank me afterward for such a unique and powerful story to motivate and inspire them.

Jeff Holman

Jeff Holman

Founder and CEO, Intellectual Strategies &

Chair, Utah Corporate Counsel Section

As the section president of Utah Corporate Counsel section, diversity and inclusion is a critical topic that more legal professionals need to understand.  Our corporate attorney members are frequently involved in important racial and social policy conversations with executives.  We were thrilled to have Sara Jones present an Inclusive Leadership session - especially with her extensive background as a company executive and a well regarded trailblazer in the legal profession. Her session provided a strategic overview of how diversity and inclusion operate and how to build sustainability at executive levels. This was one of most engaging and well-attended sessions our section has experienced.

sarah signore square

Sarah Signore

HR Manager, PDQ.com

PDQ.com has been growing rapidly. We wanted the right consultant to help us create strategic alignment as our company grows. PDQ.com’s culture was quite inclusive already, but we know being intentional about inclusion will help us sustain high performing teams as we scale.  Sara’s Inclusive Leadership training set the right tone for our leaders to check in on areas where we can improve. We are excited to partner with InclusionPro to support our ongoing growth.


Kenny Borton

Director of Technology & Marketing,

Diversified Insurance Group

Diversified Insurance Group is a nation-wide company serving HR professionals.  We were delighted to host InclusionPro’s experienced trainers - Sara Jones and Shawn Newell, for a special session on Let’s Talk Race.  They were masterful at creating an engaging and safe learning environment for our clients to examine our own racial consciousness. They provided a depth of knowledge and guided us through hard truths, while engaging the whole group to build bridges of understanding.

Trina Limpert

President, Women @ eBay
CS Technology Planning & Performance

The Women@eBay employee resource group includes 1500+ members worldwide. When I became President of Women@eBay I envisioned a program that would build leadership skills across our entire organization spanning 17 countries.  The Rise Up! Lift Up! program I initiated was a 2 pronged approach to solving women in leadership challenges recognizing you need to bring both team members and leaders together to build and lift each other up.  To bring my vision to reality I enlisted InclusionPro to create a tailored training program based on 12 leadership skills identified in the book "How Women Rise".  The program was customized for eBay to meet specific change management and training goals. In parallel to the women in leadership focus a customized training program was developed for eBay’s leadership team to raise awareness of areas of potential unconscious bias. Building and scaling this program with Sara and my core team was an energizing collaboration and was promoted from the top eBay executive team on down to people leaders and branching to thousands of members receiving training. While COVID-19 has presented unique challenges, InclusionPro was able to convert from in-person training into effective virtual learning with a global reach continuing to provide an individualized learning impact.

Jason Myers 300x300

Jason Myers

Senior Director, Brand Marketing, Children's Miracle Network

At Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, we identified the need to make diversity and inclusion an organizational priority.  Realizing that many diversity and inclusion initiatives don’t succeed, we wanted to be setup for success. We wanted a consulting firm that could help us build a sustainable foundation.  Sara Jones helped provided our organization with a great foundation for inclusive leadership. In a three-hour training for our inclusion committee Sara provided thoughtful and strategic leadership training, reworked the committee’s mission statement around inclusive values, and gave the group a myriad of best practices. This experience was invaluable for our organization and taught leaders at our organization what inclusion actually means. I would recommend InclusionPro to anyone looking to implement this type of work.

vandana sharma square small

Vandana Sharma

Senior Manager Product Support  & Community Leader Oracle Women’s Leadership

I am community leader of the Oracle Women’s Leadership group in Utah. I invited Sara to do an Inclusive Leadership training for our ORG. We made sure our invitation to the company to attend was very open, resulting in a very diverse group of employees who came. It was awesome to see that the concepts of Inclusive Leadership that Sara taught could apply to everyone in the room. She facilitated a deep conversation about valuing our diverse perspectives. Several team members told me afterward that they were energized and wished for more training on this topic!

BRAveryProfilePic square small

Brooke Avery

Director of Marketing - ngconf

Chief Education & Content Officer - Thinkster.io

As the world’s largest conference for Angular web developers, we have an immensely diverse community of attendees, partners, and collaborators alike. We’ve greatly benefited from Sara’s experienced guidance with ensuring that we include diversity and inclusion in our every step.

We’ve especially appreciated how Sara quickly became familiar with our company culture and helped us to capture that culture in the ways we communicate with ALL of our community members in mind. But more importantly, as we’ve worked with Sara, she’s helped us develop on the individual level as well so that diversity and inclusion are now more natural parts of who we are as people. We value this as we strive to establish a company with genuine transparency and honesty in all that we offer.

moe hickey small

Moe Hickey

Executive Director, Voices for Utah Children

Voices for Utah Children encourages policies where all children can thrive in Utah. We are particularly mindful of underserved communities, and rural communities - our work has broad reach and impact across the state of Utah.  We invited Sara to do a two-day on-site training and invited our Board members to participate. This was a great opportunity to build relationships of understanding with our board. Our team gained a greater appreciation for diversity of thought, teamwork, and our own multidimensionality through a series of empathy building and interactive experiences that Sara created for us.


Becky Frost

Sr. Director, Corporate Communications

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, Instructure

As head of D&I at my company, I'm responsible for global D&I learning.  Sara provided content strategy to scale an Inclusive Leadership training to our entire global workforce (13 sites, 1400+ employees).  This was no small feat.  She came with a depth of experience in building online courses, live training, and program implementation which allowed her to effectively partner with us to launch a blended learning program in less than 3 months.  Her training model was a very effective way to engage all of our employees on inclusion, diversity and belonging.

shauna huston square small

Shauna Huston

Executive Director, Workman Nydegger

As our firm has evolved over the years, we know that inclusion is an important factor for retention.  We hired Sara to lead a board-level training on building an inclusive culture. We appreciated the deep insight she brought. She made the environment welcoming and engaging for leaders to explore new ideas for our firm’s future.  We have already implemented some of the practical ideas that came from that workshop and are looking forward to partnering with Sara to achieve our goals.


Ben Capell

Partner, Peterson Partners

We did a training offsite for our whole firm (partners, analysts, administration).  Sara is a great facilitator and her training was very engaging. Our team came away with the understanding that we can drive immediate results by practicing inclusive behaviors. We were able to have thoughtful conversation on unconscious bias, checking our assumptions, and being intentional about being more inclusive.

Yvette Amparo-Espinoza small

Yvette Amparo-Espinoza

Training and Development Coordinator

Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District

I participated in a training with Sara at the Utah Chapter Association of Talent Development.  As an experienced HR professional, I observed how she effortlessly drew engagement from the whole group.  She reinforced inclusive concepts by integrating those concepts into the way she trained, which is the sign of a masterful teacher.  Her topic "Inclusive Mindset Skills for Working with Diverse Groups" drew a particularly high attendance which she handled with ease. I valued her energetic style and ability to resonate with participants so much that I invited her to provide training for our organization on several important topics - employee development, accountability, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.  I'm excited to have Sara as an asset to support our training efforts.

laura small square

Laura Langehaug

People Leader

Sara delivers a hands-on, thought-provoking program that left me inspired; feeling much more influential with many take-aways. The workshop gave our team the opportunity to learn techniques to spearhead our growth and actionable concepts that can apply immediately to breaking barriers.  Sara is skilled at engaging senior leadership, providing information in a helpful manner, and giving individuals the direction they need to feel competent and comfortable with unconscious bias training. I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn from Sara and I look forward to working with her in the near future.

Shawn Newell Square small

Shawn Newell

VP Business Development, Industrial Supply Company

I work across the state of Utah to support inclusion efforts. There are very few opportunities for people within companies to learn about inclusion.  The distinction between diversity and inclusion is a critical focal point when working to create a space that is culturally equal and diverse.

When I attended Sara’s workshop at the Salt Lake Chamber, I was happy to see how she created a safe space where people did not feel frightened to talk about diversity and inclusion.  For those newer to the conversation, her workshop was very informative and not overwhelming.

The processes that Sara employs sets the stage for deeper dives into what inclusion is and creates a curiosity about how one can develop the awareness and skills to implement change. At the same time, it brought a diverse group closer together to have a really meaningful conversation about how to create inclusion within companies.

amanda forman small square

Amanda Forman

Team Leader, HRO, ADP


I organized the 3rd Women in Healthcare Leadership Conference (a joint collaboration of Utah HFMA AAHAM and UHE). Sara's keynote was very valuable and inspiring. I was personally excited and interested in what she has accomplished within the community. We received overwhelming feedback on how powerful and empowering the messages were.

Photo by Marisa Bomis

Salt Lake Chamber



The Salt Lake Chamber was pleased to recently host Sara Jones and her presentation “Inclusive: How The Best Leaders Build Diverse and Winning Teams”. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with the attendees gaining keen insight and practical solutions to a complex issue. Sara engaged a large and diverse group of people in a deep conversation about diversity, and the participants felt safe to learn, stretch and become more intentional about their own person inclusion efforts. The Salt Lake Chamber looks forward to working with Sara again on the topic of diversity, as it is critical for companies to succeed.

Aida neimarlija square small

Aida Neimarlija

Executive Director, Utah Center for Legal Inclusion

I attended Sara’s Inclusive Leadership training to learn more about resources on Diversity & Inclusion efforts in Utah.  Sara’s unique experience as an attorney in law firms and the tech world was a big draw for me. Her workshop was extremely effective.  She presented compelling arguments for inclusion and her style made the environment fun, interesting and engaging. Even with a large group of over a hundred people from different fields, attendees were able to participate effectively and take away excellent tips that will assist them in pursuing their own mission toward more inclusion.

jenny wecker square small

Jenny Wecker

CEO Fawn Design

My company reaches customers all over the world.  It's important to me that my team develops skills to reach a diverse community of customers, partners, and talent.  Sara led our leadership team through a deeply insightful training to build our inclusion skills.  I loved her interactive approach of inspiring us through our own diverse stories and ability to empathize. Her training was not only refreshing, but also a great team-building trust opportunity.  My whole teamed raved about her training and we all feel so much more comfortable with inclusivity.  Sara's facilitative style helped my team come up with some very innovative business-driven solutions.  She also customized the training to our specific business, which I really valued.

Aaron Frost small

Aaron Frost

CEO, Hero Devs and

Lead Organizer ngconf

I co-organize the world’s premier ng-conf software development conference.  Having seen Sara in action in many tech events, I invited Sara to come on board at ng-conf as an organizer - specifically to leverage her expertise on diversity and inclusion.  We brought InclusionPro early on in planning for ngconf 2019 to ensure that our conference was as welcoming to our community as possible. As a key Google partner, we highly value our attendee experience. Sara has helped us refine how we engage our audience. She tactfully pushes us when our process needs improvement and ensures that attendee experience is top of mind. We have valued her ongoing strategic guidance.  She is fantastic to work with.

Melanie jordan square small

Melanie Jordan

Product Manager, Zions Bancorporation

I attended Sara's Inclusive Leadership training at Salt Lake Chamber. Sara's engaging and approachable style helped a diverse audience understand systems that have been historically designed to benefit a few without people becoming defensive. Having experienced bias in the workplace, I enjoyed seeing Sara's ability to place people in a learning mindset and hearing the insights that participants learned. It makes me hopeful that people will operate as better allies after receiving this training. Sara's interactive style modeled what inclusiveness actually looks like.

val taylor small

Val Taylor

VP of Community, Veracity Solutions

Our team just went through InclusionPro's unconscious bias training the last few weeks and had a great experience.  It included team bonding elements which kept our teammates engaged while they learned about diversity.  The team appreciated learning about a wide range of diversity characteristics.  Most importantly, Sara's training provided a plethora of practical examples so that our team members could understand what unconscious bias looks like - and an open dialogue on how we can be mindful and obtain honest, helpful feedback on our inclusion journey.  I would recommend this training for teams who want a fun, practical and interactive way of learning about unconscious bias.

Skyler Carr small

Skyler Carr

Founder & CEO, Infini D

Our most recent job posting attracted many talented applicants, but not a single diverse candidate. We reached out to Sara and she immediately spotted processes that needed to change for us to attract diverse talent. We went from 0% diverse job candidates to 70% diverse job candidates overnight, thanks to her help.  In the end, we had three candidates that stood out above and beyond the others, two of which were from the diverse candidates that applied after Sara helped us make the needed changes. As a startup, we know how critical each hire can be. Ensuring we are getting the best applicants possible starts with ensuring we are pulling from as diverse of a pool as possible.  We are thrilled to have Sara partner with us as we continue growing our company.

Marva Sadler small

Marva Sadler

President & CEO, Veracity Solutions

As a female leader in a male dominated industry, I am acutely aware that bias takes many forms, most of which are unintended.  As I’ve worked to help our organization be more inclusive, it’s become evident that unconscious bias impacts us in ways that are not obvious in the short-term, but that can present significant challenges in the long-term.  Being proactive to better manage our culture is essential as we work to “up our game” in the face of an increasingly competitive employment market.

We were pleased to have Sara of Inclusion Pro spend time with our team. She made a challenging and sensitive topic interesting, engaging, and even fun.  While we didn’t solve all our issues, our team members left with greater appreciation for each other and greater sensitivity to the subtle issues of diversity, and the impact of creating greater inclusivity.

Shelly Johnson small

Shelly Johnson

EVP, Zions Bank

Zions banking footprint covers several states which create many employment opportunities as well as unique challenges. Executive management wants to hire a diverse employee base across these regions, so our D&I strategy has some complexities most companies don't experience. Sara was very helpful in researching best practices for Employee Resource Groups across larger companies.  I appreciated having her experience and broad network to draw from. Her recommendations helped me test out some new ideas as our executive team works to shape diversity and inclusion strategies in our ever-evolving industry.

Mark pittman small

Mark Pittman

Founder & CEO, Blyncsy

I hired Sara about a year after Blyncsy was founded, particularly to leverage her executive experience in building culture. One of my priorities was building a strong founding team.  Sara came in weekly, coached team members, and partnered with me to work on areas of improvements.  She observed and facilitated team trainings, with a focus on inclusive behavior.  I know that that early work and investment helped give us a strong start to the great team we have today.

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