Free eBook: Inclusive Leadership and the Authenticity Gap
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Free eBook

Inclusive Leadership
and the Authenticity Gap

With a heightened focus on social issues, many leaders are newly motivated to tackle diversity and inclusion in their companies. Sara Jones’ new eBook addresses an important “authenticity gap” that may hinder the impact of our DEI work. Empathizing with both senior executives and heads of DEI, Sara takes a human-centered and realistic approach to the challenges of building sustainability in DEI. She provides several case studies to illustrate the process of leadership transformation and what it takes to create long-term DEI impact.

What’s in it for you? Inclusive leadership is a highly marketable skill. A recent study shows that leaders who understand diversity, inclusion and allyship are 62% more likely to become a C-suite leader. DEI is becoming a core leadership competency for leaders at every level, from startups to executive and board leaders in global companies. Sara provides key insights on how to bridge the authenticity gap to become the inclusive leader you want to be.

This eBook is for any CEO, organizational leader, or diversity leader who is focused on building their inclusion skills.

Download your copy of Inclusive Leadership and the Authenticity Gap here.

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