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InclusionPro® works with executive leaders on diversity and inclusion – how to attract, grow, and retain diverse and winning teams through its Inclusion Growth® Framework strategies.  InclusionPro consults and trains executive teams on inclusion strategies with a particular focus on team performance and productivity - so that they can get the best out of their diverse teams. Leaders who build inclusive skills have more productive teams with a stronger sense of belonging.

InclusionPro makes every effort to create a safe and comfortable environment where all participants’ voices are respected – including differing personalities, gender identities, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, and other areas of multi-dimensionality. We know these topics can be sensitive and uncomfortable for many people. We provide a practical and meaningful learning environment so that participants can feel confident improving their leadership skills and building their D&I strategy. We believe everyone has room to learn and grow – thanks for taking us on your journey!

Photo by Marisa Bomis
Photo by Marisa Bomis
Photo by Marisa Bomis

Inclusion Leadership Trainings & Workshops

InclusionPro trains executives, management, and team members on building inclusive leadership skills.

All InclusionPro trainings are highly interactive, engaging, and (dare we say) fun! We do not believe in lecture-style training. Learning occurs best by applying concepts to real-world scenarios, so we will provide several opportunities for participants to safely practice and obtain feedback.

Choose from several training topics.  All of these interactive workshops are offered virtually in 2-hour sessions.  As Covid restrictions allow, we can also offer 3-hour deep sessions. You determine what your company needs.

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Popular D&I Training Topics

  • Inclusive Leadership: How the Best Leaders Build Diverse and Winning Teams™
  • Let’s Talk Race: Racial Equity and Allyship in the workplace™
  • Unconscious Bias in Recruiting, Teamwork, and Employee Life-Cycle™
  • The Language of Inclusion™
  • Cultural Sensitivity and How to be Awesome™
  • Inclusion by Design: Designing for Equitable and Sustainable Cultures™
  • When Women Rise, All Tides Rise™

Other Training Topics:

  • Accountability
  • Art of Delegation
  • Authentic Conversations
  • Conflict Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Networking and Career Strategies
  • Team Performance and Innovation

Training Testimonials

"In a three-hour training for our inclusion committee Sara provided thoughtful and strategic leadership training, reworked the committee’s mission statement around inclusive values, and gave the group a myriad of best practices. This experience was invaluable for our organization and taught leaders at our organization what inclusion actually means. I would recommend InclusionPro to anyone looking to implement this type of work." -- Jason Myers, Senior Director, Brand Marketing, Children's Miracle Network

"We made sure our invitation to the company to attend was very open, resulting in a very diverse group of employees who came. It was awesome to see that the concepts of Inclusive Leadership that Sara taught could apply to everyone in the room. She facilitated a deep conversation about valuing our diverse perspectives. Several team members told me afterward that they were energized and wished for more training on this topic!" -- Vandana Sharma, Senior Manager Product Support  & Community Leader Oracle Women’s Leadership

"We did a training offsite for our whole firm (partners, analysts, administration).  Sara is a great facilitator and her training was very engaging. Our team came away with the understanding that we can drive immediate results by practicing inclusive behaviors. We were able to have thoughtful conversation on unconscious bias, checking our assumptions, and being intentional about being more inclusive." --Ben Capell, Partner, Peterson Partners

"As our firm has evolved over the years, we know that inclusion is an important factor for retention.  We hired Sara to lead a board-level training on building an inclusive culture. We appreciated the deep insight she brought. She made the environment welcoming and engaging for leaders to explore new ideas for our firm’s future.  We have already implemented some of the practical ideas that came from that workshop and are looking forward to partnering with Sara to achieve our goals." -- Shauna Huston, Executive Director, Workman Nydegger


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Photo by Marisa Bomis

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