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Leadership and organizational transformation is a learning journey. The work of sustainable diversity, equity and inclusion requires transformational change for individuals, leaders and organizations. As with any journey, you need a roadmap to get from where you are to where you want to be.

While 68% of CEOs say they have a diversity initiative, fewer than 35% tie their DEI work to their core business strategy. InclusionPro teaches leaders how to build an integrated approach to DEI that becomes the DNA of your business.

This transformational process creates the foundation to scale equitable practices and accountability across your organization through:

The InclusionPro Journey

The InclusionPro Journey​

Over the past few months, we have engaged InclusionPro to conduct Executive Strategy sessions, host our Inclusive Leadership pilot training, and consult on our program development. Sara's background and extensive experience as a company executive in the technology world make her uniquely positioned to deliver outstanding engagements. Her sessions stressed the importance of aligning diversity and inclusion with organizational goals. Sara challenged status quos without making anyone in the room feel defensive. Her tips and tricks also encouraged the D&I committee to think more strategically on how to structure our efforts to achieve sustainable success.

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Leadership Strategy

InclusionPro takes executive leaders through a personal and leadership transformation process to build Inclusive Leadership Strategies.

Examples of our strategy consulting work include
  • Executive DEI strategy, analysis and planning
  • Inclusion Committee strategy, focus and impact
  • Equity assessments and site evaluations
  • Equitable policy review
  • DEI communication design, branding strategy, marketing strategy
  • Employee engagement/growth studies
  • Data analysis and visualization studies
  • Recruiting, engagement, and career development studies

Contact us to learn more about our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training for leaders. We work with a wide variety of companies and can recommend the best strategy approach for your needs.

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Program Design and Delivery

Our deep business experience enables InclusionPro to scale strategic diversity and inclusion work throughout your organization. We work with various areas of the business to operationalize key DEI programs.

Our capabilities include
  • Global training content design and delivery
  • Inclusive culture design
  • Recruiting programs
  • Retention programs
  • Employee resource (affinity) group design
  • Employee experience programs
  • Leadership and mentorship development
  • Career pathway programs
  • Community partnership programs

We have worked with organizations such as eBay, Instructure, MarketStar, and USANA to design, deliver and roll-out DEI programs. InclusionPro’s team of professionals have experience in every aspect of launching DEI initiatives and programs, from initial ideation to program development, project management, communication strategy, program facilitation and evaluating program outcomes.

Contact us about initiating a strategic DEI program for your company.

Our most recent job posting attracted many talented applicants, but not a single diverse candidate. We reached out to Sara and she immediately spotted processes that needed to change for us to attract diverse talent. We went from 0% diverse job candidates to 70% diverse job candidates overnight, thanks to her help. As a startup, we know how critical each hire can be. Ensuring we are getting the best applicants possible starts with ensuring we are pulling from as diverse of a pool as possible. We are thrilled to have Sara partner with us as we continue growing our company.

Skyler Carr
Founder & CEO

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Many organizations benefit from executive, management and career coaching on a more individual basis. Often, coaching enhances organizational DEI strategy to help focus on specific leadership needs or professional development. InclusionPro offers coaching in person or remotely, depending on specific organizational needs.

Explore DEI coaching options with InclusionPro experts.

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