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Sara Jones is a foremost voice in inclusive leadership, known for her impactful talks on high performing teams, maximizing individual strengths, and shaping authentic leadership narratives. As CEO of InclusionPro® and a renowned thought leader on diversity, equity and inclusion, Jones is a frequent keynote and distinguished speaker to audiences of all sizes. Jones has been featured by TED, NPR and other international media. Her ability to engage with audiences of all backgrounds is evidenced by her high-profile features, including a TED talk on the emotional intricacies of international adoption, at go.ted.com/sarajones, which has garnered over 2 million views.

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Sara is more than a speaker or strategist; she's a catalyst for change. She inspires her audience to believe they are capable of executing meaningful change, and she gives them the tools to do it. She breaks down complex concepts into relatable metaphors and actionable steps, allowing her listeners to fully grasp the content and shift their paradigms without resistance. Witnessing the lightbulb moments and genuine engagement in Sara’s sessions is a testament to her unique ability to bridge hearts and minds.

Melanie Jones

Utah Business

Recently, we partnered with Sara to host a series of "Ask Anything" roundtables, to meet members where they are. Her willingness to dive into timely concerns, no matter how complex, and engage in open, honest dialogue has created a safe space for learning and growth. Sara's agility and ability to respond to diverse questions with informative, practical solutions are invaluable. She doesn't just share knowledge; she sparks conversations, ignites curiosity, and empowers us to become better HR professionals.

Gabriela Benitez
Past President, Salt Lake SHRM
Senior Benefits Advisor


Sara is skilled at delivering learning experiences accessible and inclusive to everyone - men and women learning together how to better live our mission and vision. I would recommend her workshops to any organization desiring of inclusive and engaging learning.

Melanie Jones
VP Global CXM and Planning


I invited Sara Jones to keynote for Xant Next2020 Leadership Conference because of her unique ability to bring empathy into her work through her storytelling and to motivate our attendees to be passionate about the power of connection and authenticity. She seamlessly taught the audience how to build connection in their own sales careers and lives. I had several audience members thank me afterward for such a unique and powerful story to motivate and inspire them.

Sarah Thompson
Director of Field Marketing



Inclusion is the Key to Unity

Sara Jones received the 2024 Kirk Englehardt Business Ethics Award from Utah Valley University Center for the Study of Ethics. In her Keynote "Facing the Storm: Ethical Business Leadership in an Era of DEI Controversy,” Sara shares context and implications of the current DEI landscape. She also inspires hope for business leaders and steps forward toward unity.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Urban Leaders

Sara Jones was an invited international speaker at Jeonju Future Cities Forum 2023 in South Korea. Jeonju convened domestic and international scholars and experts in the area of digital, culture, environment, and youth, to help reimagine the future. Perspectives were shared on facing critical forces including the 4th Industrial Revolution, climate, and economic crisis. She addressed the youth session sponsored by United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific (UCLG ASPAC) in which she shared the value of diverse perspectives.

Building Pathways for Success
Building Pathways for Success

Sara Jones joins Clint Betts, CEO Silicon Slopes, on this episode of the Silicon Slopes Podcast for an eye-opening conversation about diversity in the workplace and how her company, InclusionPro, is working to change the stigma surrounding these ideas. DEI has recently become a hot topic in politics and Sara shares that DEI was never meant to be a political talking point because it was initially created to help companies discover new pathways to success.

Sara Jones at Harvard – Unity in Diversity

Sara Jones presented at Harvard Business School at the Latter-day Saint (LDS) MBA Conference. Sara shared how unity feels increasingly hard to achieve right now and how LDS business leaders are uniquely positioned to create inclusive cultures. Sara illustrated transformative DEI practices through a business data study, and shared her own inclusion journey.

Sara Jones’ TED Feature
Sara Jones’ TED Feature

Adopted as a child by white parents, all that linked Sara Jones to her South Korean origins was a mysterious tattoo on her forearm. Sara’s search for her birth family informed new insights into the narratives and deep complexity of adoption. Through her experience of loss and discovery, Jones offers guidance on what adoptive parents can do to protect their children's unique cultural and personal narratives.

Career Leaps into a More Inclusive World

Sara Jones had the honor of delivering the Commencement Speech for the Neumont College of Computer Science graduating class of 2021.

Leading DEI with a Unified Voice and Purpose

Sara Jones shares how more executive leaders are rising to the challenge of integrating diversity, equity and inclusion into their core business strategy. Unity feels increasingly hard to achieve right now, but with alignment on mission and vision, leaders can achieve remarkable transformation. Sara Jones will share case studies on how executives are approaching and using transformative strategies to achieve a unified approach to DEI.

DisruptHR - It’s Time to Stop Talking About Diversity
DisruptHR – It’s Time to Stop Talking About Diversity

In a “Best of DisruptHR” 2019 talk, Sara presents a different approach to diversity and inclusion, by including men and humanizing everyone in the conversation.

Creating and Sustaining Inclusive Cultures
Creating and Sustaining Inclusive Cultures

Sara addresses the hard truths of why inclusion is so hard to sustain within cultures and how leaders can create sustainable impact, in her keynote at the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women annual conference at the University of Utah, on February 28, 2020.

A Transformative Approach to Inclusive Leadership

More leaders than ever are actively working on diversity, equity and inclusion in their companies. Sara Jones shares how leaders can transform their DEI efforts, including best practices that are often missed. Learn from Sara’s unique experiences in leadership to help you build your community of inclusion.

The Art of Inclusive Leadership
The Art of Inclusive Leadership

Sara describes the Inclusive Leader as one who inspires higher organizational performance, greater innovation, better cultures, and more satisfied team members. She shares the secrets of becoming an Inclusive Leader by shifting your mindset, engaging the talent around you, and applying an inclusive lens to building your team culture, at Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2020.

Inclusive Leadership Keynote, DMLC 2020
Inclusive Leadership Keynote, DMLC 2020

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access are critical leadership skills. This workshop provided foundational training to students and professionals on how inclusive behaviors will help them be better leaders in the future.

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