Virtual Webinar Program

Inclusion to Innovation

The Strategy-First DEI Learning Series

This virtual learning series introduces a “strategy-first” approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Unlike traditional identity-first DEI approaches, a “strategy-first” DEI approach positions executive leadership as co-creators of DEI strategy. In this version, DEI is a business lens applied to core business strategies, rather than a series of initiatives, activities, or programs that are not core to the business. You’ll hear real stories and experiences from experienced DEI strategists who have worked with several executive teams building strategy-first DEI approaches.

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Session 1

How Zapier Leaders Co-Created Their DEI Strategy

Virtual Webinar | Friday, July 19 | Noon MST

This session will share the real journey of how Zapier developed a strategy-first DEI approach. Maggie Roque, Head of Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging & Equity (DIBE), and Brandon Summat, Chief People Officer at Zapier, will share how they partnered with Zapier’s Executive Team and founders to co-create the DEI strategy together. They’ll provide insight on how DEI integrates into their core business strategy and the business outcomes they have achieved so far.

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Session 2

A Deeper Dive into Zapier’s DEI Strategy

Virtual Webinar | Friday, August 2 | Noon MST

In this session, Sara Jones will interview Maggie Roque, Head of DIBE at Zapier, to dive deeper into how she operationalizes DEI as a strategic business element. Maggie will delve into how she aligns DEI with business goals and KPIs, and how DEI has driven business outcomes and innovation. Maggie will share insights into embedding DEI into business operations, including product development, sales, and customer experience.

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Session 3

Transforming DEI Roles into Strategic Leadership

Virtual Webinar | Friday, August 16 | Noon MST

In this session, Sara Jones and Maggie Roque, Head of DIBE at Zapier, will share insights into transitioning from a DEI practitioner to a strategic leader. They will share their own professional development journeys to becoming a DEI strategy consultant and an in-house DEI strategist. They’ll share tips for DEI practitioners who are aspiring to executive leadership. This session is valuable to DEI practitioners aspiring to executive leadership. Executives and HR leaders should also attend to understand different skill sets they should be looking for in hiring for strategic DEI leaders or consultants.

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Sara Jones

CEO, InclusionPro

Sara Jones is a foremost voice in inclusive leadership, known for her impactful consulting on high-performing teams, maximizing individual strengths, and shaping authentic leadership narratives. As CEO of InclusionPro® and a renowned thought leader on diversity, equity, and inclusion, Jones is a frequent keynote and distinguished speaker to audiences of all sizes. Sara has been featured by TED, NPR, and other international media. As a consultant, Sara strives for organizational alignment, honoring the journey of leaders and teams as they work to transform their cultures and strategic outcomes.

Maggie Roque

Maggie Roque

Director of Diversity, Inclusion,
Belonging, & Equity,

Maggie believes in breaking barriers in our workspaces and communities in order to enhance the employee and human experience. In her work as a DEI practitioner, She has learned that innovation and creativity don’t thrive in a one-size-fits-all environment. Maggie drives companies and organizations to develop sustainable culture and strategy that focus on the holistic outcome.

Having worked in academia and in tech, she is uniquely qualified to transform theory into practice. Maggie is passionate about inventive approaches and at her best when given the autonomy to find a solution by building a new experience, strategy, or team. Advocacy, relationships, and accessible education energize and center her.