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As a leading expert on diversity and inclusion, Sara Jones is a frequent keynote and distinguished speaker to audiences of all sizes. She speaks on a wide variety of leadership, entrepreneurship, and D&I topics – both in-person and virtual.

A speaking engagement is often an effective way to launch ideas and inspire new mindsets around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within your organization.

Examples of speaking events include
  • Conference keynotes
  • Virtual events
  • Corporate leadership retreats
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Organizational training
  • Storytelling workshops, and more

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I invited Sara Jones to keynote for Xant Next2020 Leadership Conference because of her unique ability to bring empathy into her work through her storytelling and to motivate our attendees to be passionate about the power of connection and authenticity. She seamlessly taught the audience how to build connection in their own sales careers and lives. I had several audience members thank me afterward for such a unique and powerful story to motivate and inspire them.

Sarah Thompson
Director of Field Marketing



Sara Jones’ TED Feature
Sara Jones’ TED Feature

Adopted as a child by white parents, all that linked Sara Jones to her South Korean origins was a mysterious tattoo on her forearm. Sara’s search for her birth family informed new insights into the narratives and deep complexity of adoption. Through her experience of loss and discovery, Jones offers guidance on what adoptive parents can do to protect their children's unique cultural and personal narratives.

The Art of Inclusive Leadership
The Art of Inclusive Leadership

Sara describes the Inclusive Leader as one who inspires higher organizational performance, greater innovation, better cultures, and more satisfied team members. She shares the secrets of becoming an Inclusive Leader by shifting your mindset, engaging the talent around you, and applying an inclusive lens to building your team culture, at Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2020.

Inclusive Leadership Keynote, DMLC 2020
Inclusive Leadership Keynote, DMLC 2020

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access are critical leadership skills. This workshop provided foundational training to students and professionals on how inclusive behaviors will help them be better leaders in the future.

Creating and Sustaining Inclusive Cultures
Creating and Sustaining Inclusive Cultures

Sara addresses the hard truths of why inclusion is so hard to sustain within cultures and how leaders can create sustainable impact, in her keynote at the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women annual conference at the University of Utah, on February 28, 2020.

DisruptHR - It’s Time to Stop Talking About Diversity
DisruptHR – It’s Time to Stop Talking About Diversity

In a “Best of DisruptHR” 2019 talk, Sara presents a different approach to diversity and inclusion, by including men and humanizing everyone in the conversation.

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